plans unplanned

So how come people say like “let’s do dinner or something” and you set a time and then it’s as if nothing was planned?

Why even bother asking? Is that chit-chat? I never get it, am I a back up plan in case there is nothing else to do? or is it nonsense from the beginning?

I can’t say those things and not do it- to me, that would be super rude… so am I to never make plans with people who are not friends?

This happened to me for the 3rd time today (I think… but there maybe more), as they say, 3rd is a charm, so I’m thinking about it…

The first I remember is when a co-worker said that we should go have lunch together and then we invited him and he couldn’t so we invited him again and he couldn’t and then he had the nerve to tell some other co-worker that he didn’t want to go with us… it’s like, we only invited you because you said you wanted to go… our feelings wouldn’t have been hurt if he said it to our faces, really.

WHY can’t people just be honest and say no I don’t want to instead of being like, oh I can’t, I’m busy… bs!
The second time I was waiting and then just simple no show…

The third time again, just no show…

HOW do these people think it’s ok to make plans and not show?

WHAT the hell is that??

IS this normal human behavior???

I can’t help but laugh at the situation, I am so clueless. AND, I know people who share the same problem, maybe we’re just different kinds of people, perhaps it is a cultural thing in the west or south or whatever, that I am unaware of… I had not had this problem until I moved to California. Where I’m from, people don’t say shit like that to be nice, and they’ll be happy to tell you they’re not interested straight up, and we don’t take it personally, really 🙂


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