How dare you try to limit my choices, prevent me from living my life the way I want to,  get in the way of my life and the lives of other women you don’t even know. What the hell is wrong with you!

This is how I feel when I am exposed to an abortion argument. It makes me so sad that people argue about the baby’s life without caring about the life of the woman who is going to be so burdened by the baby that they are both going to have really hard lives, no?

I mean, I think no one will have abortions if they had enough money to care for the baby. no?

What do we make of the orphans and overpopulation? lack of jobs?

But most of all, I am angry that some people do not see that it is a social burden on women, that it is violence towards women to make her have a baby she does not want.

And in response if you say that she shouldn’t be so irresponsible, then give her more choices, give her education, give her money, and then maybe she was indeed irresponsible.

I don’t think you can expect people to act responsibly if you don’t give them the tools to know what it means, make choices, and take responsibility for their actions.


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