beautiful things

I long for beauty in me
I want to possess your beauty
with you I can feel beautiful
because in my arms the beauty absorbs me

it’s all an illusion
it’s all a delusion

the beauty will fade
my grasp will loosen
I can not possess you forever
because there is no forever

there will be no need to desire another
the beauty within will always be there
and I won’t be feeling a void
beautiful things do not fill it anyways

because there isn’t a void
it’s just a feeling
it’s just greed
it’s just dependence

beautiful things are that

that which makes me appreciate
that which reminds me that really
I am the beautiful thing that demands to be noticed
that longs to be cared for and nurtured

not by somebody else
but by myself
I am whole on my own
waiting to be accepted by you.


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