Philosophy of dominance

Language is often an attempt to control behaviour through the transfer of information.

Conformity in a population makes control of society much easier for its leaders.

Our leaders pay lip service to the freedoms that democracy provides, while actually

supporting an economic structure that imprisons it citizens under more and more debt.

Time, efforts, and minds are wasted on the pursuit of money in occupations that contribute nothing to the human intellect or condition.

We live in a world of unfulfilled dreams in which we never really come to know or understand what constitutes a meaningful life.

To appease those who work hard but do not achieve the good life, religion is there to assure them that if not in this life, they will obtain it in the next.

Finding no safe haven in a world where many are resigned to the consequences

of original sin, theologians created the concept of a distant Heaven. This is a place of eternal bliss and limitless abundance, full of warmth and love, where people are free of destitution, greed, lust, the need for money and all other afflictions that have plagued humankind for centuries. Others seek to attain this end while still on an earthly plane through meditation and/or renunciation of the material world.

There are many who are in search of the truth, but this is an endless search that takes a person nowhere. Whether consciously or not, most people continue to undergo changes in their values, outlook and understanding,  a process that has no finality. Human beings are constantly evolving organisms.

-Excerpt, Jacque Fresco The Best that Money can’t Buy


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