The pleasures of developing thicker skin

The more I think about my difficult jobs, the more I appreciate the experience.

How time makes everything seem so nostalgic!

The memories…

At my first attorney job, when I gave a week’s notice, the principal partner became very hostile and didn’t pay me my last week’s wage. I told my supervising attorney that I would file a complaint and I did. I won and they paid me. Thank you for wasting my time.

At another firm which worked their employees like slaves, I ignored the quota, took my time, and got fired. And then a managing attorney assumed I quit and wrote me an angry email for bailing out. I wonder how she is doing, in response to my email that I in fact was fired she said “that’s for you to keep to yourself, you were great to work with”. We all have different priorities.

Another sweatshop firm- At one meeting with the founder/partner of the office, I stood up for my team and said I will not be a sweatshop manager. Another co-worker with conviction of saving my job volunteered to be the slave driver, “your welcome” he told me later.

All wonderful experiences that shaped me into who I am today.


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