the mundane pleasures of life

Outdoor swimming, floating in water, walking on grass, sitting in the sun… with no one around. It pays to be out early morning.

The time to contemplate all the good things in life… gratitude.

I had recently read that discipline nurtures freedom, and its been on my mind. And today I felt it.

It requires discipline to stay fit, to work out regularly, and this provides me with the comfort of knowing that I can go out there and hike miles even if I got lost- the freedom to roam about in the back country.

It requires discipline to remedy a bad habit like smoking, overeating, etc – providing you with the freedom from addiction.

I used to hate the word discipline as I had not known the difference in being disciplined and the simple noun discipline. It MATTERS.

Being told to conform to tasks are significantly distinct from having discipline. As in, being in the forces living a disciplined lifestyle is different from doing it on and of your own will.

That difference is FREEDOM, that you are choosing how to live your life on your term, a commitment to yourself.

Sticking to that commitment is discipline.

Do not let others discipline you against your will nor be disillusioned of the myriad of choices made on consensus with your common sense.


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