On dependence or attachment with regard to discipline

Buddhism preaches non-attachment.

Humans are categorized as social beings and depend on each other and live in communities.

Attachment parenting guides parents to nurture their offsprings to learn “good” attachment to build confidence and grow as an individual.

Buddhism also preaches enlightenment which alludes to becoming ascetic.

So… how does this non-attachment theory apply to human beings??

What is wrong with attachment?

Buddhism says it’s suffering. But without suffering, maybe there is no joy!

It seems to me that Buddhism is very much attached to the idea of suffering and concerned about eliminating suffering… maybe I am short-sighted, I don’t know.

I also wonder what kind of community ascetics can really gather. By its definition it seems to me that they lack any connection to the warmth of love that comes from empathy?!

However, I do agree with non-attachment in a sense that one is better off keeping an open mind. Be open to other ways, other people and their perspectives.

And also not to be attached to your efforts in a sense that there is any accomplishments you hold on to as glory, that you keep on learning and putting in efforts because that is life. – and that is the meaning of discipline.


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