You think you need paper?

They say 70% of the world population does not use toilet paper.  Growing up with paper, I can so relate to the below piece! It took some time to take it in, knowledge is power!

They Use Their Hand To Wipe? By DJL

I have recently been educated on how people in Iraq wipe their butts!  I know what your thinking.  What are you talking about DJL and how did you even get into this conversation!  Recently a Soldier came back home from a long stay in Iraq and we got to talking.  Yes the conversation took a downward spin.  I believe someone was drinking out a water bottle and he said the people from Iraq would love that bottle.  So of course I say “why”?  Well I was told that they hate toilet paper.  They say it is smearing!  That is unclean!  So instead they “USE THEIR LEFT HAND TO WIPE THE WASTE AWAY and use the water bottle to sprinkle the water on the just wiped area.

So let’s talk about this for a second.  I had to look this crap (no pun intended) up on the Internet.  There is actually people who live in a Western society that say they do what the locals do when visiting their country!  We need to analyze this.   “What the hell is wrong with you people”!  I can see you need to squat down over a hole they call a toilet since your in a foreign country but you don’t need use your left hand to scrap the crap off your butt! You can’t use your right hand because you can’t!  That is right you shake hands and eat with your right hand.  I have so much to say about this I am rambling!!!!   Think of the process in which your done doing your duty and you stick your left hand down there and scoop up any remaining KLINGONS. What do you do next you say?  You grab a water bottle or a hose or even a jug and spray water on your butt.  OK, I am cool with that.  But then what do you do with that left hand?  THEY HAVE NO SOAP!  What do you do with your wet butt?  THEY HAVE NO PAPER!