Offering silence

I am reading transcripts from J. Krishnamurti’s talks at universities in California. He says that you can see what is (truth?) with an unburdened innocent mind.

Although he says we should not follow authority, not seek help from others- I cannot help feeling that he is a little authoritative/ condescending so to speak. I don’t understand much of the things that he says…

Following his speech he takes questions from the audience, and many times he misunderstands the questions that are asked. I feel that there is a disconnect between him and the audience, a disconnect between me and his offerings.
Nevertheless, you get what you can get out of things. He says effort is conflict because you are in conflict with what is and what should be. Instead you need to fully see what is. What to do with what is when you see it I don’t think he explains except to say that you have a new perspective.

Well then, let me face the facts, accept what is. Until such time, I offer silence- no opinion, no judgment, no effort- observe to clear the mind.