A friend once told me that people who look sleazy are not so bad since you know what’s coming, that there is no surprise. The ones you look out for are the ones that seem all nice and turns out to be a jerk.

I was at a restaurant and I immediately did not like the wait staff we got. I couldn’t put my finger on it, well he was a little pushy and seemingly insincere.

So we order our drinks and he pushes for an appetizer, I asked whether the mac and cheese on the menu with bacon can be made without it and he says it’s already mixed in, asks whether I’m vegetarian and I say yes. He recommends a vegetarian appetizer and we say no thanks.

Then he proceeded to tell us that his girlfriend is vegetarian and that she asks him when he eats bacon if she can smell em… awkward…

He brings out our drink and comments that it is a good thing that the beer is vegetarian… weird…

We proceed to order- I got a salad and then he asks if I want chicken or shrimp in it… did we not just have a talk about me being vegetarian just like your girlfriend who likes to smell bacon?

And I wonder, is it just that he is a new waiter and nervous or is he bullshitting to try to be friendly?

We get our food, we eat and we’re done. He asks if we want dessert, we say no thanks.

Then he says next time we should get the fruit crumble because it’s so good and we won’t feel guilty… it’s not that we skipped dessert because we feel guilty about eating dessert… Did it look to him that we should be feeling guilty about having desert which we didn’t want anyways? so awkward…

As I was finishing up my beer he asked my fellow diner if he would like a refill of his soft drink, which was pretty nice.
Perhaps it is the awkwardness or the eagerness to please that bothered me about him. Not that he is sleazy or a bad person… some people are just plain awkward.